Brahmotsavam review round-up: Mahesh starrer gets average ratings

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Telugu Super Star Mahesh's Brahmotsavam released in around 1000 screens worldwide. Hit combination of SVSC (Mahesh - Srikanth Addala - Samantha) worked for this film. Let us see how critics responded to this film. gave the rating of  3.25 out of 5 and mentioned "On the whole, Brahmotsavam is a film which has some decent moments going its way. This is not your regular dance and fight movie and has some simple emotions. Mahesh Babu's performance, family emotions and huge star cast are basic assets. If you ignore the predictable nature of the story line and some boring moments during the second half, this is one film which can be enjoyed with your family."

AP Herald gave  3 out of 5 and mentioned "Srikanth Addala might have made zillion mistakes and there are quintal of things not good in movie but the education for soul is just enough for each of us to see the movie by self and fake everyone who we know to this movie. Bottom Line: Not a movie - Education for soul - Celebration of humanity"

Telugu360 gave the rating of  3 out of 5 and mentioned " “Brahmotsavam” starts to rekindle that sentiment but failed to capitalize on the promise. It is barely watchable and might not pick up steam. A lesson for innovative producers like PVP not to get carried away with narratives that promise the moon and deliver half of it."

Chitramala gave the rating of 2.5 out of 5 and stated "Srikanth Addala should have done a better job with his screenplay. Movie runs on a very slow pace in the second half. To sumup, Brahmotsavam is not a great attempt of celebration"

Great Andhra gave 2.25 out of 5 and mentioned "May not be everyone’s film, but it surely appeals to people who have seen joint family systems and not anymore."

And audience also expressing mixed response for this movie. Collections entirely dependent on family audience now.

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