Kabali review round-up : Rajini succeeded and Ranjith failed

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Super star Rajini Kanth's Kabali released worldwide today. Radhika Aapte shared the screen with RajiniLet us see how critics responded to this much hyped film.

AP Herald gave 3 out of 5 and mentioned "This is definitely not Rajini movie. Watch with open mind. Get ready to face some slow screenplay. However the director has added all commercial elements in second half of the movie. The first 15 minutes and last 20 minutes before Interval are the highlights of the movie. Similarly the climax is also entertaining. As always, Good triumphs over evil. Cinematography and Music are the two pillars of the movie and they escalate the movie to new level. "

The New Indian Express gave 3 out of 5 and mentioned "It's an enjoyable watch, provided you've got a certain degree of patience and some undying love for Thalaivar. You get the feeling that Ranjith could have done a whole lot more with it, especially with Rajni turning in the kind of performance that he has. "

Telugu360 gave the rating of  2.5 out of 5 and mentioned "Kabali is a movie that launched with extremely high expectations and fails to reach them. The movie will open to mixed talk on the first day. We will need to wait to how it fares on the second day and going forward. Tamil version may fare better than Telugu. Watch with no regret and enjoy watching the ultimate star of our era – The Superstar Rajinikanth’s one man show Kabali !"

Chitramala gave the rating of 2.5 out of 5 and stated " It is more Pa Ranjith film than Superstar Rajinikanth’s film. To sum up, Kabali is a visual narrative of a gangster who has ideals for the people."

Great Andhra gave the rating of 2 out of 5 and mentioned " All in all, “Kabali” is another disappointment from Rajinikanth. Which is better movie – “Linga” Or “Kabali”? Hard to say."

Looks like Kabali is getting average to above average ratings. May effect business from 2nd day

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