Saaho Pre-Release Business

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* North India business was updated, Nizam, TN and Kerala business was corrected

Nizam                  40.00 Cr
Ceded                   25.00 Cr
Vizag                    16.00 Cr
East + West          19.50 Cr
Krishna                  9.50 Cr
Guntur                  12.50 Cr
Nellore                  4.50 Cr

Total AP/T              127.00 Cr

Karnataka            28.00 Cr
Tamilanadu          15.50 Cr
North India          70.00 Cr
Kerala                   4.50 Cr

Total India             245.00 Cr

Overseas              42.00 Cr

Total Theatrical Rights      287.00 Cr

It should collect at least 344.4 crore (share) to be termed as Super Hit and should collect 430.5 crore (share) to be termed as Blockbuster.

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