Okkadu Total Worldwide Collections

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Okkadu Total Worldwide Share Collections

CastMahesh Babu, Bhumika Chawla
Production BannerSumanth Art Productions
Release Date15-01-2003

1st film to cross 20 cr mark in Mahesh Babu's career

Ceded             3.80 Cr
Vizag              1.91 Cr
East                1.42 Cr
West               1.30 Cr
Krishna          1.40 Cr
Guntur           1.67 Cr
Nellore           0.80 Cr

Total AP       12.30 Cr

Nizam           7.90 Cr 

Total AP+Nizam       20.20 Cr

Rest              1.00 Cr

Total Collections      21.20 Cr

Total Pre-Release Business 11 Cr approx.

Result : Blockbuster with 10.20 Cr profit

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