Gentleman review round-up: Nani entertained with thriller

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Natural star Nani's Gentleman released worldwide today. Express Raja fame Surabhi and Niveda Thomas shared the screen with NaniLet us see how critics responded to this film. gave the rating of  3.25 out of 5 and mentioned "On the whole, Gentleman is one of Nani’s best performances till date. Time and again, he is upping the ante by doing interesting projects and this film falls in the same league. Icing on the cake is Nivedha Thomas’ brilliant performance and the suspense factor. The film will hold strongly especially in the A centres. Finally, if you manage the a slightly slow first half, Gentleman will entertain you decently with its thrills."

Idlebrain gave the rating of  3 out of 5 and mentioned "Gentleman has a good plot point and a suspense factor. First half is filled with a couple of love stories which should have been more engaging. Second half goes into a serious mode of unveiling the mystery. Vennela Kishore’s comedy in second half provides entertainment. Plus points are plot point, Nani and suspense in second half. On the flip side, unengaging first half and slow-paced narration might dampen the experience. On a whole, Gentleman is a suspense thriller and offers something different for regular movie goers."

Great Andhra gave the rating of  3 out of 5 and mentioned "All in all, “Gentelman” is a watchable movie for its second half and for Nani." , and highlighted Nani’s performance, Interval episode, Background score, Vennela Kishore’s comedy.

Telugu360 gave the rating of  3 out of 5 and mentioned "Gentleman movie is a good effort with a class touch. Due to the nature of the story, second half slowed down with murder investigation. However, the director succeeded in maintaining good twists in the story. Due to lack of commercial elements in 2nd half , overall impression ends at “average”. We need to wait and see how this movie fares at Boxoffice. One time watchable at your leisure"

Chitramala gave the rating of 3 out of 5 and stated "Another Telugu Movie With Nani’s Terrific Performance". It stated the highlights as "Nani as Jai, Nivetha Thomas as Catherine, Background score by Mani Sharma, Couple Of Songs and Story"

AP Herald gave 2.5 out of 5 and mentioned "The movie starts off well and has a 'bang' in Intermission. But the second half falls flat and every mystery which is revealed becomes highly predictable. Lots of cliches in second half spoil the party. Nani and Niveda have scored with their brilliant characterizations. Music was soothing and it raises tempo when needed. Cinematography was flawless. Had the director worked on the screenplay portion in second half, the movie would have been a lively product."

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