Saaho Total Worldwide Collections


Saaho Total Worldwide Share Collections

Title                                    : Saaho
Cast                                    : Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor
Production Banner           : UV Creations
Release Date                      : 30-08-2019
Trivia                                  : 3rd film to cross 200 cr worldwide share in Prabhas career

Ceded            12.00 Cr
Vizag             10.30 Cr
East                7.25 Cr
West               5.60 Cr
Krishna          5.10 Cr
Guntur            7.95 Cr
Nellore           4.40 Cr

Total AP       52.60 Cr

Nizam           28.00 Cr

Total AP+Nizam       80.60 Cr

Karnataka      14.00 Cr
Tamilanadu      4.80 Cr
Kerala              1.60 Cr
North India     82.00 Cr

Total India       183.00 Cr

USA/Can           13.90 Cr
ROW                 16.50 Cr

Total Collections      213.40 Cr

Result : Flop with  73.60 Cr loss

Became all-time 2nd highest grosser in Nellore
All-Time 4th highest grosser in Nizam
All-Time 5th highest grosser in Guntur

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  2. Bro 30 just 4 highest grosser in nizam
    And collection 82+ crs change chey sir

  3. 30 crs in nizam after sye raa

  4. It did 430+ crs worldwide Gross collection

  5. Bro give us gross collection not share